About Extreme Beverage

Extreme Beverage, LLC, which began its operations in March 2000, may seem like it was an overnight success. However, our growth is a result of more than just luck but rather hard work and the belief that savvy business practices combined with a great brand would equal success.

While Red Bull was already an established brand with booming trends in Europe in the late 1990's, the brand was virtually unknown in the US. After all, Red Bull was introduced in Europe in 1987 but it wasn't until 1997 that Red Bull North America was founded and began its Red Bull distribution on this side of the Atlantic.

At the same time that Red Bull was opening its first US office, Todd Knipping, the founder of Extreme Beverage was working as the President of a large beer wholesaler in the Twin Cities. Todd was intrigued by the "Red Bull phenomenon" that was taking off in Europe and he thought that the brand would eventually find the same levels of recognition and success in America. He did not know then that it would go on to becoming the fastest growing trend in the US market… in his 25+ years of beverage experience he had never seen a brand take off quite like Red Bull did at the time.

For Extreme Beverage business beginnings were lean to say the least as we were only selling just one brand, and that brand, Red Bull Energy Drink, was largely unknown to Minnesotans. Thanks to a few sympathetic and trusting friends in the market who owned various retail outlets we began to gradually grow the business after starting with a total of just ten distribution outlets.

At the end of our first month in business our lone salesman had sold 334 cases for a total of roughly $10,000.00 in gross sales dollars or just enough to pay the driver, to cover the rent, to buy some more Red Bull and to continue business for a second month. We fortunately grew from selling 23,290 cases in 2000 to over 850,000 cases in 2012 and a projected 1,000,000 cases in 2013!

Extreme Beverage began its operations in the Twin Cities as an exclusive Red Bull distributor and while we have since expanded our geography to include the majority of the state of Minnesota, we remain as an exclusive Red Bull only distribution business. Today Extreme Beverage is run by President & General Manager Chris Blahna who surrounds himself with an experienced and dedicated management staff. Extreme presently consists of almost 50 full time employees who help operate our 25 sales and delivery routes.

We owe a lot to the more than 3,500 customers we now service and to the many loyal Minnesotans who continue to enjoy our various Red Bull products. After 13+ years of operations and growth we thank all of you for your interest, patronage and support!!!